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I support somes artist and bands

I love hearing people sing, I love looking at musicians attitudes when playing their instruments, I love the sound of each instrument, I can feel the vibration of any sound, I love to go to concerts or even assist in rehearsals, I can’t help myself dancing when I hear music, so I guess that I have music in my mind and in my body. Apart from my own feelings for music, I am very interested in what other artists do, any style, any fame, I want to know their stories, I just love musicians for what they truly are and bring to people; also because they bring people closer, in fact, for me nothing is more social than music.
I love discovering talents, understanding them, giving them a neutral sight, helping them to develop, promoting them by showing their skills and talents, because I think everybody can find a right place at any time with his/her own talent, the only thing is to believe in yourself, be true, authentic, work and encourage people to be part of your talented world.

I am the first fan of the artists and bands I support!

If you have any question on how I could help for your music, feel free to contact me at: virginiepianist@gmail.com.

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