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I am an environmentalist…

The preservation of the environment is one of the reason that brought me back to music; I had a goal.
Indeed, I have been working since 2000 on issues about the Environment and Sustainable Development (on Market or Opinion Research and on conceiving federative projects about environment). So, my idea of doing music to send love to the Planet was obvious to me.
In the framework of my musical project, I share photos or information about environmental preservation, I position myself on certain topics of sustainable development.
In my life, I am a reknown international expert in the field of sustainable development. I see and learn many things everyday. I had the luck a couple of years ago to be an Ambassador for Environment at the United Nations.

I am online to limit my Carbon footprint…

Behind a musical process, there is a Carbon footprint. Nobody speaks about it, but as an expert of sustainable development, I mention some of the causes below…
– Whenever you play or record music, you use energy.
– Whenever you tour to do concerts, you use energy and you generate a carbon footprint for the people who come and see you (energy and waste).
– Whenever you use technologies for your music, you use energy and your equipment will one day be part of the waste.

I am very careful about my way of using energy, my way of transport and my way of managing my waste, this is why I mostly created an online model for my project. I will never be able to be Carbon Neutral, however, in every little thing that I do, I do it on a responsible way.

I sing and do music for the Planet…

My goals are sharing and encouraging people to act for the planet. I thought music could be a great mean for me to share, this is why I play and sing my love for people and the Planet.

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