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One of my goals: educating children to piano and music

All started in music for me because some adults shared with me what they knew and did. It’s my turn today to share with children. I want to make them discover the piano and music on their own; showing them that they need some basis (because they help), but the most important to me, is to teach them how to express themselves with their instruments, and any kind of expression is remarkable in music, as long as it’s true and authentic. I want to show them that music allows you to be you.

Children are now digital users in their very early age

As a mother, I started to use the Internet and digital apps with my child when he was around 3 years old, and he knew how to turn on the computer, open Google Chrome and found his own baby films on You Tube.
When he started writing and reading (around 5), he was able to write his own requests in the You Tube or Google Chrome search bar, and he often used some tutorials to do his lego, learn the alphabet or songs, hear stories or pick up the basis of a foreign language.
I saw that my son’s learning was very fast on the Internet, because he had one virtual person dedicated to him and he was very concentrated, he stopped the video to understand, he could watch tutorials over and over again, and when he was finished, he shared with me all his learning which helped him build his self confidence.

My support for children…

I am the first fan of Children who play music and I give them confidence in what they do. I show them how to play music, sing or dance in rhythm on a pleasant and educative way. In the future, I would like to develop an online learning programme for Children so they can have fun with their instrument, singing and dancing.

Discover my Digital initiatives

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