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The Digital, one mean to share with the Planet…

Whenever you are on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and more generally on the Internet, you are connected to the world.
This is why I use digital for my project; thanks to Internet, it’s possible to send love to people and the Planet. There is no boarders in building social relationships around music…

Digital to post my music…

Using Facebook and You Tube are great opportunities to share my music with the world. It can be heard on a mobile phone or a computer. The music is released all around the world in the same time and conditions, with equality.

Digital to promote artists and groups

I use digital to present and promote artists and bands that I follow and recognize for their talents and human skills. I share their information, their touring dates, their music platform to get their music.

Digital for music information/education…

I am used to watch tutorial videos of any topic on You Tube whenever I want to learn something on my own, or even if I look for pieces of advices.
On Internet, it’s like a giant community of committed people, you just need to find the right person to answer your needs of information, watch the videos, learn and try by yourself.

Digital to bring together music, art and heritage

I take part in encouraging people through my music and initiatives, to the need to commit to Art, Heritage and Environmental Conservation.

Discover my commitments for the Planet

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