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It’s been a couple of weeks since I entered my music creation process and I can now see the shape of my project… In my last post, I told you that I would explain you my music path, so here is below what I learnt…

Sometimes in life, you face The Big Blue :) :)
And you discover an amazing hidden world :) :)


I discovered my voice…

In the past weeks, I fixed many things for my music. I installed my own home studio with full capacities to record the piano, voice and other instruments. Building this home studio was quite a challenge, as I didn’t know anything about it, and after hours and hours of research, I finally made it, and I see today what it truly brings to music creation.
I also discovered my voice through a good micro. I think it’s the first time I hear my voice for real, and the difference is unimaginable, it’s more acute and much clearer. So just from these two points, I discovered another sound and I know that it will help me a lot, because the best the sound is, the best you can be precise.

My first steps in music technologies…

How could I say??? :) :)
I feel that I come from an ancient world :) :)
During years, while I committed to my job about environment, music technologies improved and it’s simple I need to learn everything.
As a concrete example, I was taught to compose music on sheets of paper, which made it very hard, because at every mistake, you had to do it all over again. Today, there are some notation softwares, or even you can play your music on the piano, record it and a software transforms it into a music sheet.
I was taught to create music by writing notes and what I discovered is that other musicians design their music on a much more conceptual and intuitive way, setting and reaching goals to build an entire musical project. I clearly see that doing music creation this way is much more efficient and pleasant.
I also discovered the phasis of mixing and mastering. To be honest, I didn’t even know that those things were done on music, so I had to enter this world by doing research, watching tutorials and trying by myself. The result is the following… I globally understood all what is needed to be done in the phasis of mixing and mastering, which is a work on the sound, it’s like empowering the authentic music to make it grandiose. I really see the difference and utility of using these technics of mixing and mastering. However, I realized that they have to be done with a very high precision by a very educated ear.
As a person who loves experiences, I made a music demo of my song "Moonlight Serenade" recording the piano, and adding virtual electric bass, electric guitar and drums playing different lines of music. I separately recorded all instruments and I was able to individually fix the sound with the idea of giving coherence…
What I see now from my experience and my result (which is not too bad for a novice), is that working on the sound is a real job which needs very targeted and high skills and I now know that I will never be able to have these skills because you build them from years and years of music listening, mixing and experiences.
My goal with the sound is to improve my own skills learning from somebody who does it for professional and who helps me build my own sound.

My needs for other instruments…

For my experiments, on my song "Moonlight Serenade", I composed several music lines of instruments other than the piano, such as electric bass, electric guitar and drums.
The piano was recorded for real, I created the bass line and guitar melody and I used several drums samples.

When I hear the result, there is a big difference with my original version of the song just created on the piano, making it bigger. However, if I am quite satisfied with the bass line that I wrote (it could still be improved though), my guitar line is not like the one I wanted. I can hear that it’s created by a pianist and not by a guitarist…
Going further on the process, I wanted to transform the drums samples in a real drums part created by a real drummer for the needs of my song…
After few discussions with the drummer, I realized that I had to pass on my song for bass, guitar and drums to a bigger step, with more adapted music lines. I needed some support, musically speaking, regarding the instruments I don’t play.

My observation…I needed a specialist…

Considering all what is written above, my observation was simple. I needed a specialist to help for my music and sound…
I started doing some research with the following state of mind…
"I will never be able to give birth by myself to my songs in a romantic rock genre" :) :)
"I need to fine The One" :)

In my research, I was looking for a special profile:

  • I needed to find a person who is an innovative music composer
  • I needed to find a person who plays one or several of the instruments I wished to add in my songs (for Romantic Rock genre)
  • I needed a person who is highly skilled, innovative and experienced in the whole process of music making/recording
  • I needed to find a person who mixes music, voices and masters sound
  • I needed to find a person who understands me and my project to do songs to empower people for Planet Earth
  • I needed to find a person who gives me time to learn, who coaches me, who sets me goals and who advices me
  • I needed to find a person who was able to commit to the project in team
  • I needed to find a person with an entrepreneurial state of mind

My professional experiences in the field of environment and sustainable development taught me to pass on and collaborate on projects with specialists who are able to add value to your own project. It was the right time for me to bring value to my music.
A song is like a child, it needs to grow…
I also like to work in small committee; it makes it more creative, fun and effecient. I like to work in a collaborative process for creation and finally, I like when projects become beautiful both on human relationship and result.
I was facing a big, big research… and I am thankful, I now found this person…

My support comes from Portugal…

I am very proud to announce that, regarding the music production of my songs, I will collaborate with a man from Portugal, called Pedro, who has 20 years of experience in music making, he is a bassist, a guitarist and a drummer, he does sound engineering and he owns his recording studio with his wife who is also a singer and a lyricist. Pedro will help me to structure my songs, we will together work on the music (Romantic Rock genre), on the recording of the instruments and voices, on the mixing and mastering.

I am very happy of this collaboration for many reasons:

  • I feel in confidence to go on the music production process
  • I learn a lot from what we do with Pedro making the collaboration each day easier
  • I now know that my music project will become reality in professional standards
  • Pedro and I are both innovative people who like the sound of each instrument that can add value to music, we like music that "grows" through the song, the mix of instruments, dynamic rhythms, percussions…
  • With Pedro in Portugal, my music project becomes a "made in Europe": the project was launched in Monaco, by a French woman, who wrote the lyrics and tested the songs in Italy and at international on Facebook, who made the music demos in Ireland, who goes on with the making of the songs with a professional musician / sound engineer in Portugal

I am very happy, because it means that I will have some opportunities to go to Portugal in the upcoming months for the making of the songs. I will also use these moments in the country to do and share environmental research with "Rose, The Princess of The Environment" :) :)
I will be able to combine both music and environment, which is the global goal I pursue with my music project.

I am also pleased that life brings me to Portugal, because The Portuguese are already one of the people who follow and support me the most. Creating and recording my music in their country is an idea that I like. Among those who follow me on Facebook, I also see many people from Brazil, one of the great country of music, and I am very thankful to be appreciated there, it’s a recognition that goes straight to my heart.
I think that my experience in Portugal will make me learn a bit of Portuguese (I love to learn other languages) and maybe, in the future, I will be able to answer in Portuguese to all messages coming from Portugal and Brazil :) :)

What more to say…

I have so much more to say, but it would be a never ending story, so I leave you here for the moment, and I will post some news on my music process in a while… Many thanks for your support and all the love you send me through your kind messages and comments.
We are now on the way… I am so happy! All the best!


Virginie, the online pianist

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