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Last year in 2016, I started with my piano to commit to songs creation process, all related to Planet Earth and Love.

Girl making a heart-shape with her hands. Very shallow depth of field.

From the beginning of my musical process with my songs, I could already hear their potential of orchestration, but I had no idea on how to make it (my years at the Conservatory of Music were far away and I had to remember and learn).

So during one year, I worked a lot with my piano, I followed different master courses in song writing, music composition, sound technologies, legal schemes and music industry that lead me today to the will to orchestrate and produce my album of songs.

It’s a big task I am now commiting to, but life is an everlasting path, so I am now walking on this amazing musical road with a great joy in my heart, knowing that I am supported by singers, musicians, sound engineers and all of you, my dearest fans.
I can’t give you today any time for the release of my music, nor the how and where, but one thing is sure, I won’t go backwards and I will release it one day or another!

One point is important for me, I want to share with you my project regarding the making of the songs, from the very first beginning to the very last end: the release moment, so you will be able to discover the entire process. I will also organize a testing group of people among all of you, who will be able to give me their perception on my ongoing work, so I can make sure, you all like my music; that’s my goal.

Few information about my album release and the why…

I would like to explain why I committed to music creation. In my other life, I am a 17 years of experience Market and Opinion Research Director at International specialized in the fields of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Environmental preservation is the keypoint that led me to go back to my piano and create music: I wanted to sing for people and Planet Earth.

In my life, I have always listened to songs, and some of the lyrics helped me understand things (example: "Sunday Bloody Sunday" from U2 tells us the story of the past conflict in Northern Ireland, or "Still Loving You" from Scorpions tells us about a love story).

Whenever I hear some lyrics, they come into my mind, and sometimes, they help me find my way. This is exactly what I want to do with my own music: help people find their way by loving the Environment and more generally Planet Earth. This is why my music creation is related to Planet Earth and Love.

The genre of my album will be Romantic Rock Ballads (female fronted).
ight songs
are already written, one song "The Sweet Land of Your Heart" is nearly finished (with music and voice).


The others seven songs will soon go through music composition, relying on the musical structure, I already created last year with my piano.
I also have few ideas regarding the name and the front-cover of the album, but I keep it secret for the moment.

What about my Friday Songs?

I leave my Friday Songs covers behind for a while, to fully dedicate to my music creation process, however, I will replace my Friday Songs by my Fridays in Music sharing some songs that I like a lot. I know that many of you like my covers, and that you are used to listen to them on Fridays. Maybe in the future, I will properly record them so you can hear them on digital platforms, but for the moment, I need to concentrate on my own music.

What more to say…

Many thanks for your support, your understanding, all the love you send me everyday on my Facebook Page, I feel very encouraged to go on with my music. All the best!


Virginie, the online pianist

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