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The piano naturally came into my life…

As long as I remember, I have always liked the piano. It started with a baby piano, then I started to learn on a real piano around 3 or 4 years old. I loved my music teacher, she had two Great Pianos in her home. I was very committed to my learning, so she proposed me when I was 6 to pass an audition to enter the Conservatory of Music and Arts in Angers in France. I succeeded and entered the Conservatory in piano where I was taught music theory, rhythms, singing and I played the piano there until I was seventeen.


“On the left hand side, this is the castle of my hometown, Angers, a city situated in the Loire Valley in France. It’s a committed city into cinema, music and arts, and some of the wines of the region are known worldwide”.
On the right hand side, this is the Conservatory of Music and Arts of Angers, where I learnt music and the piano during many years. I remember almost each day I spent there; it was a great life experience.
See where my city is in France: Write this GPS point in Google Maps: 47.470094, -0.561802.

My piano and solfeggio classes at the Conservatory…

The Conservatory is the place where I learnt during years the basis of music… I loved to go there as a child… I learnt how to read and write music sheets in all keys, how to recognize from ear different instrument lines and put them all together, how to create pieces of music in the structure, how to follow any rhythms, how to play my instrument, I was part of a choir and discovered many classic pieces of music from the Great Composers.
Music was as that time as important in my life as school was, and I wanted to succeed in both. I already knew that I loved sharing and educating.
It was reinforced by the admiration I had, as a child, for my piano teacher. She was in her 30ies, she was a reknown pianist from Paris Conservatory, she was a teacher, she played piano concertos and she became a mother. She had all I could dream of as a girl thinking for her future…

When I trained my piano at home, I used to play on a "Rameau" which had been made in Paris. I love the sound of this piano, it’s very soft and a good instrument for a young pianist. Me and my piano spent hours all together, sometimes with a good laugh, sometimes with tears; we were always there to share a good moment. When you start the piano as a child, your instrument is like your best friend.

piano rameau

I ended the Conservatory at the age of 17, and I committed myself to a new life, with University, my entrance in the work market, having a family and I gave up my piano during more than 20 years…

Back to music in 2015…

In 2015, I had for Christmas a digital piano and I realized how I had missed playing during all this time. So I decided to commit to a musical project and since then, I practice a lot everyday and I federate a nice community of people on social media around music. My life is now full since I play again the piano…


Discover here why music is part of me

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