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Music is part of my soul and it’s in my body!

How music entered my life again…

During 25 years, I stopped to play the piano as I went to the university and I got a Master in Business, became an expert in the field of Market and Opinion Research, Environment, Education, Sustainable Mobility and Smart Cities at international, I became a mother too with every day responsibilities. I was proud of my commitments and happy in my life.

I always kept in touch with musicians (most of my friends are musicians, singers, dancers or artists and most of them also like environmental preservation); I think that I attract artists; the opposite is true.

During those 25 years, I rarely played the piano, but in 2015, I discovered a place in Italy which proposed some concerts.
I started to participate and observed the musicians while playing, and very fast, I felt the CALL OF MY HEART FOR MUSIC, I wanted to be part of the world of music again, because with these groups playing rock’n’roll and having fun, I felt like I could have fun again too playing the piano, like I did when I was a young girl.

I didn’t know I missed my piano, until one day at Christmas 2015, when Santa Claus brought me a piano. It’s not an orchestra piano but a digital and I now feel so happy to play the piano and share my music.


For me, music is sharing…

When I was younger, one of my deep wish was to share music with people. The framework of the Conservatory of Music was not always adapted to share music as much as I wanted. We didn’t have Facebook either.
When you were a pianist, it was much more difficult to share music than for guitarists who could carry their guitar wherever they went. You couldn’t do this with a piano…

Today, the Internet and the Digital really help pianists to share music; we have Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, we have mobile pianos that can easily be brought in a flight case, everything is made more simple in our today’s world.

Discover here my musical influences


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